There has been so much noise about the risks involved in traveling around the world as a lone female. This article exposes the realities of harassment and dangers that lone females are faced with while on a long- distance travel. It will also offer safety tips so that this category of women can freely express themselves as they travel far and wide.

The truth is that the world is a place where harassment, violence, and other sorts of evils do exist. But what if rather than dwelling in this sad situation and we face them squarely and still go out to explore the earth? What if we protect ourselves with smart, safety measures and we confidently go on a voyage?

If you are a solo female who wishes to embark on a trip, please read this article to get some helpful safety tips while on a journey.

a). Blend with the Locals

It is ideal you make friends with the indigenes of the area you find yourself as you travel. You have to be a traveler and not a tourist because acting like a tourist might make you become a target.

b). Be Alert

Be sensitive to know when things are not right. You should know that your instincts are always right do not walk alone in the darkness, especially at night. It is wise you stay in areas where there are large crowds of people.

c). Sort out Your Personal Belongings

Get a mobile phone that works locally, including internet connection and sufficient airtime. You also need a personal alarm to assist you in working with time, create cloud storage to save essential documents, have local and foreign currencies, as well as a working credit card. This is important as it can always be helpful in any challenging situation.

d). Be Elusive

If possible, minimize the use of social media while you are in that distant location. Some smart women wear wedding rings even though they are single. This is not because it is believed that you can be protected because you have a man in your life; instead, it helps you stay away from undesirable and annoying advances.

e). Uber is Better

As you carry out your activities, it is safer to board Uber rather than entering taxis. This is so because Ubers can be easily tracked in case something goes wrong. Additionally, avoid hiring unmarked cars. This will also help for easy identification when the need arises.

e). Go to Casinos

If you are feeling insecure visit your local casino since the safety there is always top notch. From inside the casino you can also visit casino experts online to get the latest and greatest tips on how to perform at top when playing at a live casino which could be black jack or roulette.

To end this, it is always advised to adhere to safety in everything we do. Most environments across the world are hazardous to visit while alone. I have carefully outlined some safety tips. So, I advise every solo female who plans to travel far to read these tips.