We present one of New Zealand’s most reliable car and airport shuttle services. We pick off and drop off at the international airport, near to the station where most of the major bus lines that serve the [city] depot their buses.

Perhaps you are looking to hang out at night using a selected driver; we have the infrastructure and capacity to provide you with a chauffeur for your tour or anything social event.

We have a unique set of posh cars that can give you utmost comfort while you ride in style. We assure you that you will be conveyed safely to your destination and back again. So, all you have to is to relax and have peace.

We have designed our model of service in that a corporate traveler will depend on us to offer convenient transportation to any location around the airports; whether you have a medical appointment, a business meeting, or any form of engagement. We also can transport large groups of passengers in our luxurious buses in the topmost comfort and safety.

At Airparkstrust, we are deeply committed to providing professional transportation services to our numerous customers without compromising the quality of our service. We are renowned for being punctual at all times, and it is our culture to always wait for you and not you waiting for our pickup.

Our drivers are well trained that they can assist you in carrying your luggage and open the car door for you to enter. Additionally, our fleet of cars are the latest models which are neatly maintained to serve every passenger. We are professionals in the service of taking care of every passenger who boards our cab.

Chauffeur Ride Across the World – You can contact us to book our convenient Chauffeur ride service in more than 50 cities. In each of our destination points, we collaborate with partners who provide us with posh vehicles and conversant drivers to convey you for a fee.

BMW 5 Series On tour for Business Class – By flying with us, we will drive you in luxury and ease to and from the airport with our BMW 5 Series touring vehicle. Sit back and relax in our comfortable interior while our chauffeur conveys you to your destination.

Mercedes Benz S 500 for First Class – Travel in style to and from New Zealand international airport in our Mercedes-Benz S 500 automobile. You can relax and switch on our free Wi-Fi in the comfort of your luxury leather seat.


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