How does Airparkstrust mobile application work?

First, download our mobile application and create an account. After that, choose your destination through your application and explore different routes and the corresponding prices options until you find a difference that suits your plan and budget.

How far in advance can I book tickets?

Our airline’s reservation system opens the platform for early booking 300 days from the date of booking (10 months window). You are only allowed to book flights ahead within this 10 -months window.

Can you book last minute flights?

Airparkstrust usually suggests that every intending passenger should begin the ticket purchasing process at least five months ahead before your time of departure. We offer great prices when this is done. Kindly note that the more you approach your departure date, the more possibility for flights to get full, leading to higher rates.

Will I get a reduced price for last minute booking?

No. normally, discounts in the price for both local and international flights are available from 5 to 7 months before your departure date.

What are the discounts for children, students, and old people?

For children between the ages of 2 to 11, prices usually are 80% of the regular adult price. Infants below two years of age do not necessarily need a seat. The price is just 10% of a regular adult price. Infants who need a seat will have to pay a child’s rate.

For students and youths below the age of 25, we can offer price discounts for selected routes. To benefit from these price discount offers, students and youths must present a valid identification card. We may not guarantee price discount for all routes but can grant this offer if they are available for your route and if you are eligible.

Old people over the age of 67 are qualified for our domestic flights. However, we do not offer discounts on international flights.